White Collar Crime

Most representative projects

ALBU MORAR (see profile ...)

Assisted KazMunayGas International/Rompetrol in relation to allegations of fraud, embezzlement and abuse of office in relation with privatization procedures and state debt rescheduling. Value: €700 million.

Assisted RCS&RDS/Digi in court trial regarding allegations of bribery and money laundering in connection with acquisition of football related TV rights. Value: Approx. €3,5 million. Possibility of being significantly incremented by confiscations and fines.

Advised Rominserv (part of Rompetrol Group) in a case involving manslaughter and HSQE offences.

Assisted Intrarom in an investigation regarding fraud and embezzlement acts. Value: Approx. RON2,6 million. The law firm also assisted the client in court trial regarding allegations of tax evasion. Value: Approx. €3,3 million.

Assisted Anchor Grup in court trial in reference to an occupational accident.

Specialist Lawyers: Gabriel Albu, Ana Popescu, Mihai Lemnaru, Mihai Morar.

BIRIS GORAN SPARL (see profile ...)

Legal advisor to Low & Bonar, global leader in manufacturing high-performance materials, concerning legal advice and assistance in a white collar matter against rogue employees including legal representation before the criminal courts of law. The law firm is currently advising the client on day to day aspects, from corporate and tax to labour matters.

Legal advisor to OTP Bank, member of OTP Bank Group, one of the largest independent financial services groups in Central and Eastern Europe, assistance on a wide range of litigious matters, including white collar criminality workplace discrimination matters, labour related litigation, compliance and litigation on GDPR matters.

Specialist lawyers: Mihai Nusca, Anca Zegrean.


Assisting and representing worldwide provider of education services in a major case of internal & external fraud directed against the corporate estate.

Assisting global video game industry player in internal investigation re: potential employee misconduct and fraud.

Assisting global pharmaceutical group in various official audit procedures.

Assisting major DIY retailer facing investigation for alleged corrupt practices.

Assistance and representation of transnational railway freight group (and owners) facing tax evasion and corruption charges.

Assistance and representation of several companies, part of a major local group active in various industries (beverage, agriculture, energy etc.).

Specialist lawyers: Ovidiu Budusan, Florentina Frumusanu, Liana Iacob, George Toniuc.

CLIFFORD CHANCE BADEA (see profile ...)


Advising a global investment bank in connection with charges of national security criminal offences against certain of its senior bankers.

Advising a client in a large cross-border investigation relating to allegations of money laundering and AML compliance deficiencies.

Advising a large international financial institution on the global audit of their internal documentation in the context of an investigation opened by the relevant regulatory institutions in the UK.

Advising a client in relation to the procedures under the Hague Convention concerning the enforcement of a criminal sanction following the transfer of enforcement procedures from Romania to another state.

Advising/representing a leading global investment bank in relation to a major fraud against the client, also involving other 30 major global financial institutions.

Specialist lawyers: Daniel Badea, Simona Neagu, Bianca Alecu.


Representing a large manufacturing company as prejudiced party in a criminal investigation pertaining to fraud schemes by its employees.

Representing an international financial institution in connection with legal proceedings related to bankcard fraud.

Representing an international bank in connection with the investigation of bankcard frauds.

Representing international advisory firm in connection with alleged money laundering charges.

Advising international call center firm in connection with tax evasion allegations.

Specialist lawyer: Tiberiu Csaki.

KINSTELLAR (see profile ...)

Advising its confidential client, a Japanese IT services vendor, on complex and sensitive contentious matters related to ongoing investigations with the matters also involving liaising with the prosecution in white-collar crime cases concerning several projects in Romania.

Advising its confidential client, a leading engineering and manufacturing company, on a complex, very sensitive and cross border matter involving white-collar crime, money laundering, employment and contractual law issues.

Avising its confidential client, an international leader in the medical waste services, on a complex and very sensitive matter involving white-collar crime, environmental regulatory, employment and contractual law contentious issues, as well as an ongoing related white-collar crime case.

Advising its confidential client, a reputed local retailer of furniture and home decorations, on two complex white-collar crime cases involving both criminal and civil law angles related to certain property ownership matters.

Advising its confidential client, a leading expert in the treatment, purification and processing of sediments, soil, groundwater and industrial waste substances, in a complex white-collar crime case regarding suspected criminal offences of tax evasion.

Specialist lawyer: Remus Codreanu.

MARES & MARES (see profile ...)



Representing various private individuals, national and international companies in connection with allegations of tax evasion and money laundering, in the context of investigations conducted by the National Anticorruption Department and the Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime (DIICOT);

Assisting an international sports equipment producer in an investigation concerning counterfeit products.

Assisting a leading healthcare services provider, in a complex file that included more than 30 companies and 60 individuals, including top management members of the National Health Insurance Organization in Romania, for alleged social health insurance fraud, wrongful usage of funds, corruption, position abuse, forgery etc.

Retained by a major European discount supermarket, in a complex criminal law portfolio (numerous distinct mandates), in connection to theft and fraud on the premises, vandalism and related criminal charges against the perpetrators.

Assisting a private individual, with regard to alleged abuse of office crime with a prejudice exceeding €10 million.

MUSAT & ASOCIATII (see profile ...)

Advising and representing Rompetrol Rafinare (including the companies within the KMGI group), one of the largest gas and refining businesses in Romania, in its defence in a white-collar related case.
Specialist lawyers: Gheorghe Musat, Cosmin Libotean, Alexandru Terta, Stefan Diaconescu.

Representing Leoni AG and its Romanian subsidiary, a leading global supplier of wires, cables and wiring systems, in relation to an information technology fraud investigation across multiple jurisdictions.
Specialist lawyers: Gheorghe Musat, Cosmin Libotean, Angela Porumb, Alexandru Terta, Stefan Diaconescu.

Assisting and representing Engie Romania (former GDF Suez Energy Romania), the leading player on the Romanian energy and gas market, in several criminal files involving mainly gas explosions or other severe deficiencies, both in front of the criminal investigation authorities and of the Criminal Courts of law, involving also complex settlements of damages claims.
Specialist lawyers: Gheorghe Musat, Cosmin Libotean, Stefan Diaconescu.

Advising and representing a leading Romanian bank in relation to a complex criminal investigation with an estimated prejudice in excess of €70 million.
Specialist lawyers: Gheorghe Musat, Cosmin Libotean, Angela Porumb, Alexandru Terta, Stefan Diaconescu.

Advising and representing Kaufland Romania in connection with a complex criminal file in relation to a large commercial and real estate transaction.
Specialist lawyers: Gheorghe Musat, Cosmin Libotean, Alexandru Terta, Stefan Diaconescu.

NOERR (see profile ...)

Advice for a major IT company with regard to criminal and tax matters concerning the business structure of the Romanian subsidiaries and with regard to overall compliance issues of the group.

Assistance and legal representation for a major player in paper industry in an on-going corruption case, as well as performance of an in-depth fraud investigation with regard to the entire activity of the company and restructuring the affected business sectors accordingly.

Assistance and legal representation for a multinational electronics company in corruption cases. We established the further procedure, drafted the criminal complaints and represented the client before the authorities.

Assistance and legal representation for a global 500 information and communication technology company in a major white collar crime case in value of €65 million.

Representation for a world's leading chemicals company in a major corruption investigation concerning the public procurement sector. We have prepared the evidence and represented the client during the investigation.

Specialist lawyers: Alexandru Ene, Oana Piticas, Raluca Botea.


Successfully representing a leading grains trader in a criminal investigation for tax evasion and money laundering in relation to intra-Community transactions with grains.

Successfully representing a French real estate developer in a criminal investigation for tax evasion, money laundering and for establishing an organised criminal group in relation to intra-group transactions and the development of various real estate projects in Romania. 

Successfully representing a Romanian bank in a string of criminal investigations in Bucharest and Constanța for abuse of office, forgery and for establishing an organised criminal group in connection with the acceleration of loans, the enforcement of collaterals and bankruptcy of the borrowers and group guarantors.

Successfully representing the CEO of the Romanian subsidiary of a global oil&gas engineering company in a tax evasion criminal investigation, obtaining the dismissal of the charges.

Successfully representing a chemical industry company in a criminal investigation, obtaining the dismissal of all charges for two health & safety felonies and for negligent manslaughter.


Specialist lawyers:Alexandru Ambrozie, Alexandru Nicolae, Ana Stoenescu.

TUCA ZBARCEA & ASOCIATII (see profile ...)

Legal assistance and representation services provided to a major leasing company, in a complex criminal case regarding offences of setting up an organised crime group, fraud and use of forged documents.

Legal assistance and representation services to a company active in the FMCG in relation to a criminal case regarding the offence of tax evasion and money laundering.

Legal assistance to the Romanian Football Federation in various criminal law cases.

Advising various national and international banking/insurance institutions, as well as multi-national companies in relation to criminal law offences.

Legal assistance and representation of a shipping company in a criminal case concerning an embezzlement offence.


Specialist lawyers:Robert Rosu, Ioana Hrisafi-Josan, Ionut Serban.


Successfully represented the client, an international online trade company, in a case involving allegations of €10 million worth of fraudulent cross-border transfers, the case been dismissed in summer 2020.

Pro bono representation of over 43 individual claimants in the Club Colectiv Fire file, the court ruling (December 2020) granting the firm's clients over €10 million in moral and material damages.

Ongoing legal assistance to a leading global cigarette and tobacco company in all criminal law matters, at all stages of the criminal proceedings.

Representation of four credit institutions in connection with a litigation case regarding the annulment of the acts concluded on a disputed plot of land in the northern part of Bucharest where the biggest and the most expensive commercial center was built (the value of the lawsuit being estimated at more than €300 million), known as the Baneasa (Popoviciu) case.

Representation of a leading Romanian bank, member of an international banking group, and its employees, in over 18 criminal procedures all over the country involving the investigation of banking transactions from the perspective of the duties of the employees or associated with money laundering accusations towards the clients of the bank or third parties.

Specialist lawyer:Valerian Cioclei.

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