Address: 55-55bis, Carol I Boulevard, 2nd District, RO – 020915, Bucharest, Romania
Tel: +40 314 378 324 / +40 371 401 838
Fax: +40 314 378 324
E-mail: [email protected]
No. of local partners: 2
No. of lawyers: 9
Year founded in Romania: 2011
Offices in Romania: Bucharest

Partners and heads of practice

MIHAI MARES, Managing Partner

Mihai, managing partner and founder of Mares & Mares Law Firm, is highly regarded as one of the brightest white-collar crime attorneys in Romania.
With over two decades of experience in economic criminal cases, he has earned the reputation of a „go-to lawyer” for white-collar crime-related offenses and is recognized as a renowned name in the field of criminal law.
Mihai specializes in criminal defense for senior executives, entrepreneurs, major industrial groups, financial institutions, and large international and domestic companies, with a remarkable track record of handling corruption and economic offenses at both national and cross-border levels, representing clients across various sectors.
He has successfully crafted defense strategies and advocated in numerous highly-publicized cases involving money laundering, fraud, bribery, and other forms of corporate misconduct, representing major industrial groups and companies across various sectors, as well as individuals, before all courts in Romania in cases investigated by DIICOT (The Agency for the Investigation of Organized Crime and Terrorism) , DNA (Anti-Corruption Agency), and ANI (National Integrity Agency). Under his leadership, Mares & Mares has become the leading white-collar crime team in Romania, providing legal counsel to clients facing complex criminal matters.
With a Ph.D. in criminal procedure from the Romanian Academy’s Legal Institute, Mihai regularly publishes articles and studies on criminal law and criminal procedure and participates in national and international conferences.
Mihai Mares is a guest professor in the Master’s program in Criminal Law at the Faculty of Law, State University of Moldova (USM), as part of the partnership established with this institution; during the academic year 2022-2023, Mihai Mares was a lector (associated teacher) at the Law Faculty – University Alexandru Ioan Cuza (Iasi) where he taught within the Master Program, the courses of „European Criminal Law „and “Witness and Victim Protection in Crimes”. He is a founding member of ARDPA (Romanian Association of Business Criminal Law).


Cristian, a founding partner at Mares & Mares, boasts an impressive track record of over 20 years of legal expertise. Prior to co-founding the firm, he served as a senior associate at Garrigues Romania for three years, honing his skills and knowledge in the field.
A truly accomplished lawyer with an exceptional academic background, he offers genuine added value to his clients by providing expert legal solutions. Holding a master’s degree in International and European law, as well as a doctorate in law, his qualifications are remarkable.
Highly regarded within the legal community, Cristian excels as a litigation lawyer, offering invaluable assistance and representation to clients across the Romanian judicial system.
His areas of specialization encompass a wide spectrum, including real estate, public procurement, insurance, labor law, civil law, commercial law, and on all aspects of family law with a particular expertise in the financial matters of marital relations and their termination, as well as in child-protective solutions, filiation, adoption and parental liability.
With a strong dedication to providing exemplary legal counsel, Cristian Mares continues to make a significant impact in the legal profession, ensuring the best outcomes for his clients in diverse and complex legal matters.
Cristian Mares teaches Civil Law and Family Law courses at the Faculty of Law and Administrative Sciences, Valahia University in Targoviste.


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