How to challenge the National Authority for Consumer Protection sanctions applied for incorrect business practices
by Ana Pantilica (Senior Associate) and Irina Suătean (Associate) PeliFilip In the event of incorrect ANPC's commercial practices, offenders are subject to both fines and grave complementary sanctions, such as the cessation of practices or t more »
Competition rules also apply to professional associations
Representatives of the Competition Council and professional associations recently discussed with lawyers specialized in antitrust issues, the intrinsic risks to the activities of professional associations, measures to comply with competition law an more »
September 13, 2018 16:38
In recent years, the cryptocurrency industry has considerably evolved, both globally and locally, and a series of recent events, including from a legal perspective, are indicating that the industry will continue to develop. For instance, the Government of Gibraltar and the Financial Service Commission of Gibraltar released a press statement in February 2018 announcing that they were going to issue new legislation to regulate ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings), a world premiere....more »
June 19, 2018 15:44
by Adina Chilim-Dumitriu, Partner, NNDKP The legislative package on public procurement adopted in May 2016 was further amended by Emergency Government Ordinance no. 45/2018 for modification and completion of certain enactments with impact on ...more »
April 16, 2018 17:10
by Andreea Suciu, Noerr On 10 April 2018, Law no. 88/2018 approving Government Emergency Ordinance no. 53/2017 was published in the Romanian Official Gazette.Preliminary info: The legislative context The Romanian legislative process requires ever...more »
March 14, 2018 14:10
By Roxana Dudau and Alexandru Dan, NOERR After the regulation on the commissioning of construction works received a (to a certain extent welcome) facelift in 2017, the Romanian legislator has turned its attention once again to the fundamental...more »
January 31, 2018 14:16
By Raluca Botea,  Senior Associate NOERR One year after the entry into force of Law no. 233/2016 regarding public-private partnerships (“PPP Law”), the Government approved Government Emergency Ordinance no. 104/2017 (“GEO 104”) ...more »
January 17, 2018 15:03
The M&A market in Romania has reached 3.8 billion EUR in 2017, according to public sources and disclosed transactions, an analysis performed by Deloitte Romania has revealed. Overall, by adding all transactions with undisclosed value, t...more »
September 25, 2017 16:23
by Maria Maxim, Partner and Daniela Dosan, Associate at Wolf Theiss, Bucharest Office On September 21st, 2017, the National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing ("RDPA") published on its website a Guidance regarding the application of the General Data Protection Regulation (the "Guidance"), for the benefit of the data controllers performing personal data processing activities that fall under the jurisdiction of the Romanian law....more »
September 14, 2017 09:10
by Radu Damaschin - Partner and Cristiana Prodescu - Associate, NNDKP In a world that is becoming increasingly globalized, the law serves as a powerful tool in improving economic and social conditions. In such a world, trans-border judicial proceedings, or, as legal scholars call it, "legal disputes with extraneous elements" demand a certain consistency and predictability. We consume the same products and services; we abide by the same rules; therefore it is natural to develop the same expectations, including with respect to the enforcement of legal documents. The trend in this direction is clear, albeit more or less intentionally so: parallel customs, bilateral and multilateral treaties; common rules that will facilitate the creation, amendment and termination of legal relationships of any kind, regardless of the way in which this is achieved. ...more »
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