December 21, 2022 12:56
Article by Iancu Monica, Macovei Ionel, Soltan Vasile, Bondoc si Asociatii On 13 December 2022, Law No. 357/2022 (“Law 357/2022”) on the approval of Emergency Ordinance No. 119/2022 amending Emergency Ordinance No. 27/2022 (“GEO 27/202...more »
December 16, 2022 15:57
On 6 December 2022, Government Emergency Ordinance no. 163/2022 ("GEO 163/2022" or the “Ordinance”) for supplementing the legal framework on the promotion of the use of energy from renewable sources and for amending and supplementing certain re...more »
November 29, 2022 06:35
by Dimitrios Goranitis, Banking and Capital Markets leader, Deloitte Central Europe After almost a decade of very strong GDP growth, Romania is preparing itself for a steep slowdown. According to the latest European Commission report (11.11.2...more »
November 16, 2022 18:30
article writen by Roxana Dudău - Partner and Head of Real Estate & Construction practice and Ana-Maria Mustăţea – Associate, Real Estate & Construction practice at Wolf Theiss Bucharest office The Government Emerg...more »
November 08, 2022 12:31
As corporate fraud is a growing risk for companies, organisations are taking a proactive approach to risk management, allocating resources and increased focus on the anti-fraud compliance programs. Which Lawyer in Romania spoke to Alexandra Padurar...more »
November 02, 2022 17:16
article by Andrada Popescu, Senior Associate, Noerr It is well known that technology is continually transforming the way we work. More and more companies are using programs that involve artificial intelligence (AI) software in order to ...more »
November 02, 2022 16:41
Article by Theodor Artenie and Simona Bica, Noerr  A hot topic in today's Romanian tax world is the activity of online “opinion makers”, i.e. influencers, bloggers and vloggers, and not only, related to the well-known online and social me...more »
October 03, 2022 09:25
article by Theodor Artenie and Simona Bica, Noerr  According to the latest figures from the National Institute for Statistics and other public information, the annual inflation rate has continued to rise and, at 15.32% in August, reached its ...more »
October 03, 2022 09:22
by Oana Piticas and Andrada Popescu, Noerr The Whistleblowing Act in Romania (currently in the form of a revised bill, again waiting for a final vote in the Parliament) has been hotly debated over and over again during the past year: authorities, ...more »
July 13, 2022 12:07
article by Anca Mihăilescu, Associated Partner and Ana-Maria Albu, Associate at NOERR Romania It is truly remarkable that in the year 1874, Jules Verne imagined that “water will one day be employed as fuel, that hydrogen and oxygen which consti...more »
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