March 12, 2021 15:11
The end of 2020 and the beginning of this year have brought a lot of uncertainty to the sale of farmland located outside buildable areas. The uncertainty stems from the amendment of Law no. 17/2014 on the regulation of the sale-purchase of ...more »
March 08, 2021 14:02
Dealmaking has changed significantly after the outbreak of the pandemic. We have seen shifts not only in deal number and value, but also in the seller-buyer dynamics, in their expectations, the deal structure, and even in the parties' communication...more »
February 17, 2021 15:54
article by Oana Piticas - Senior Associate, Coordinator White Collar Crime Practice, NOERR Bucharest Although Romanian law established criminal liability of organisations in 2006, thus adopting a liability model very similar t...more »
February 08, 2021 13:37
by Flavia Ștefura and Cristina Crețu, MPR Partners  Background Cybersecurity is at the forefront of the European Union (“EU”)’s efforts to build a resilient, green and digital Europe. In this respect, on December 16, ...more »
February 08, 2021 13:24
Author: Georgeta Gavriloiu (counsel, Filip & Company) Over the years, the European Union has taken on a global leadership role in the fight against climate change. The main priority of the European Commission, led by Ursula von der Leyen, is ...more »
February 08, 2021 13:21
Article by Cosmin Stavaru, Partner, Bondoc si Asociatii Solar power installed capacity in Romania is currently of almost 1400 MW, representing 6.8 % of the total installed capacity of the country. This capacity was largely installed in the pe...more »
February 03, 2021 15:33
Author: Dan Fleşariu, Head of Real Estate Transactions, Strategy and Transactions, EY Romania Real Estate has continuously been an element of attraction for foreign direct investment and one of the five vectors since the beginning of the 21st ce...more »
January 28, 2021 11:25
The COVID-19 crisis is expected to accelerate the consolidation of the banking sector in the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) in the following years, as smaller players might not be able to weather the profitability and capital challenges, accordin...more »
January 22, 2021 18:36
By Alina Popescu, Cristina Crețu and Laura Dinu, MPR Partners Introduction  In the last years, cybersecurity has become one of the European Commission’s critical priorities. Given that the landscape of threats has significantly...more »
January 21, 2021 18:32
Authors: Cătălin Suliman (partner), Georgeta Gavriloiu (counsel) 2020 was very intense in the competition sector, the activity of the competition authority seeming unaffected by the pandemic, particularly relative to the high level of fines give...more »
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