October 16, 2014 15:19
The Romanian real estate market shows signs of recovery, especially due to the significantly increased number of office projects and of transactions with agricultural lands. Also, the market is safeguarded from the immobility of the residential segment by retailers which are continuously expanding. Separately, the trend to acquire lands for future developments, as a result of the currently accessible prices which render the acquisitions profitable, is particularly noteworthy. Moreover, banks have started to create their own real estate management vehicles, while various small and medium sized investment funds allocate capitals between euro 20 and 50 million for the acquisition of assets from banks, within enforcement or insolvency proceedings....more »
October 08, 2014 14:18
Lucian Cumpanasu, Managing Partner of Cumpanasu & Dejescu law firm, explained to Which Lawyer in Romania the current directions in the green energy field. The year 2014 has not bring us, so far, good news for the players interested in the renewable energy market in Romania, irrespective of the position they approach the domain (investors, developers, EPC, traders etc.). The first semester gave us the confirmation of certain amendments to the reference regulatory framework announced since last year, but we did not exaggerate if we say that the “surprise” amendments – as often happens to us – were present....more »
October 06, 2014 14:52
Laura Neacsu, Senior Associate and Coordinator Energy Practice at Noerr, reviews the recent developments in the domestic renewable energy market, affected by successive legislative changes. A healthy investment climate on the E-RES Market, but also on the Romanian market in general, can be built only on a predictable, transparent and stable legal framework. Such stability and predictability were expected to come along with the much awaited new year. The whole E-RES investment environment expected Romanian authorities to finish the amendments begun, to finalize the decisions initiated and to provide the E-RES market with parameters of a support scheme on which business plans may be drafted and implemented within the legitimate expectations at the time such plans were born....more »
October 06, 2014 13:25
Romania is a country blessed with rich energy resources compared with other countries in Europe, especially in Western Europe. Almost 70 % of Romania’s primary energy demand can be met by domestic energy resources. Romania has oil. Indeed, Romania was the first country in the world to commercially exploit oil (in the Ploiesti area), as officially registered in international statistics. Romania not only extracts oil, but has also developed a chain of petroleum refineries in which crude oil is processed and refined into products such as gasoline, diesel fuel, asphalt base, heating oil, kerosene and liquefied petroleum gas....more »
September 24, 2014 09:13
At the beginning of September, the amendments to the Law on unfair competition, brought by the Government Ordinance no. 12/2014, will enter into force. These changes are intended to update a regulation which, although was adopted in 1991, has proved difficult to apply in practice. At the time of its adoption, Law no. 11/1991 was incriminating as unfair competition practices a series of behaviors that were subsequently regulated by specific legislation in various fields. This fact led in time to sometimes conflicting and overlapping regulation jurisdictions....more »
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