Wolf Theiss publishes the 2024 edition of its Guide to Generating Electricity from Renewable Sources in CEE & SEE
Bryan Jardine, Adina Aurel and Vladimir Plugărescu, Wolf Theiss

Wolf Theiss released the 10th edition of the Wolf Theiss Guide to Generating Electricity from Renewable Sources in Central, Eastern, and South-Eastern Europe for 2024. This edition brings updated insights into the rapidly evolving renewable energy sector and reflects the key modifications in the RES-Electricity legislation in 13 countries of this region.

Against the backdrop of the European Union's ambitious 2030 targets, substantial investment in renewable energy projects, encompassing both generation and storage capabilities, has been observed across Central, Eastern, and South-Eastern Europe over the past four years. This investment reflects the region's commitment to transitioning towards sustainable energy sources and reducing reliance on imported fossil fuels. 

The ongoing conflict in Ukraine emphasises Europe's imperative for energy security, prompting an accelerated shift from reliance on imported fossil fuels to a more sustainable dependence on renewable energy sources. The resulting geopolitical tension has served as a catalyst for governments and industries to expedite the adoption of renewable energy solutions, reinforcing the region's commitment to a greener future. 

The 10th edition of the Guide meticulously catalogues advancements and technological innovations in renewable energy generation and storage (RES-Electricity). The guide also includes a comprehensive section on Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) and the recent introduction of Contracts for Difference (CfD) schemes in selected countries, enhancing the bankability of RES-Electricity projects throughout the region. This edition aims to support increased investment in the CEE/SEE region by providing a detailed overview of the pertinent laws and regulations.

"With each edition of our Guide, we aim to empower stakeholders by demystifying the legal landscape of renewable energy in the region. This comprehensive resource supports informed decision-making, fostering a sustainable and secure energy future", says Bryan W. Jardine, Managing Partner of Wolf Theiss Bucharest office, co-head of Wolf Theiss' Energy Industry Group. 

The contributors to the Romanian Chapter of the Wolf Theiss Guide to Generating Electricity from Renewable Sources 2024 are Partner Bryan Jardine, Counsel Adina Aurel and Senior Associate Vladimir Plugărescu. 

Download your free copy of the RES Guide from Wolf Theiss website.

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