Address: 24 Paleologu Street, 3rd District, Bucharest, RO-030552, Romania
Tel: +40 21 314 02 54
E-mail: [email protected]
Most senior representative: George Ionescu, Managing Partner
No. of local partners: 6
No. of lawyers: 27
Offices in Romania: Bucharest
Representative clients include: Mercedes-Benz Romania, Mercedes-Benz Leasing IFN, Banca Comerciala Romana, BCR Leasing IFN, BCR Banca pentru Locuinte, Resolute Asset Management Romania, Star Assembly, Star Transmission, Romstal Imex, Autoklass Center.

Partners and heads of practice

Radu Ionescu, Partner

Radu is a partner of Ionescu si Sava and co-ordinates our corporate and commercial advisory practice. A law-school and business school graduate, Radu specializes in M&A, competition, banking, finance and tax law. He has been part of high-profile transactions and has also acted as main counsel in several competition matters.

George Ionescu, Managing Partner

George is the managing partner of Ionescu si Sava. He co-ordinates our Dispute Resolution practice, having a broad experience in all aspects of litigation and dispute resolution, including mediation and arbitration. George has successfully represented top-tier multinational companies in commercial and civil litigation, both in statutory and arbitration courts.

Otilia Sava, Founding Partner

Otilia is a founding partner of Ionescu si Sava and the leader of family law, media and IP practices of our firm. Otilia has acquired significant experience in private client litigation, as well as in any matters related to the business pursuits and private legal matters of individuals.

Alina Neagu, Partner

Alina is a partner of Ionescu si Sava. She has successfully represented corporate clients in complex collective bargaining, as well as in negotiations with unions and employee representatives. Additionally, her experience includes assisting the clients in complex commercial and civil litigation matters, particularly in real-estate and construction law litigation.

Alina Nica, Partner

Alina is a partner of Ionescu si Sava. She co-ordinates our litigation and arbitration team and has acquired valuable experience in labour and commercial litigation. Alina has advised in several important and lengthy cases related to construction law, real-estate disputes, as well as in employment disputes.

Costin Teodorovici, Partner

Costin is a partner heading the firm’s Financial Services practice. He has 16 years of experience as a business lawyer in some of Romania’s most reputable law firms and, for a while, he was the regional acting legal director of one of the largest multinational company in the FMGC sector. He has recently joined the firm and brings valuable expertise from the numerous, high-profile finance projects he has coordinated.

List of the most representative projects

Corporate and M&A

The commercial and corporate team led by Radu Ionescu is constantly assisting Resolute Asset Management Romania in all day-to-day matters regarding to various portfolios of NPLs the client is managing on behalf of several financial institutions and handling all corporate matters for the SPVs under its management, namely two commercial centers and one industrial real estate owner. The firm has assisted the client in commercial and M&A-related issues in connection with the SPVs, providing legal services with regard to several changes in the share structure of the companies and representing it before the shareholders, financial institutions and competent authorities.

The firm's corporate team, led by Radu Ionescu, has assisted and continues to assist Solvency Project, a company which operates several warehouses located in Timisoara county, in all day-to-day corporate and commercial matters, including, amongst other: drafting lease agreements, participating to negotiations with the client’s tenants, assisting the client in concluding, suspending, ceasing the lease agreements, providing legal advice in matters of compliance, as well as representing the client before its tenants, financial investors and other public authorities.

The law firm's consultancy team has assisted and continues to assist Star Assembly, one of the Romanian branches of Daimler AG, the facility specialized in the production of various gearbox spare parts for Mercedes-Benz vehicles, in its day-to-day commercial and corporate matters, such as drafting and negotiating agreements with various contractors, reviewing such contracts and providing representation services before any national authority.

The law firm's team, led by Radu Ionescu, is constantly assisting Mercedes-Benz Romania one of the Romanian braches of Daimler AG, acting as the main distributor of Mercedes-Benz vehicles in Romania, in various commercial and corporate aspects, providing assistance and consultancy services on a wide range of aspects, from corporate matters related to the company’s share structure, to commercial aspects including legal opinions related to the company’s products and activities, drafting and reviewing sale-purchase agreements, dealer and service agreements, as well as compliance issues of its activity with the groups policy and Romanian legislation.

The firm's team, led by Radu Ionescu, designed and implemented an effective privacy and data security plan for Romstal Group. In this regard, the team performed an audit upon the type of information collected and processed by the group, analyzed the legal framework and applicable legislation, reviewed the internal existing group policies, analyzed and evaluated the security risks and designed and implemented custom-made legal solutions in accordance with the provisions of data protection legislation. Also, the law firm is acting as data protection officer for all entities within Romstal Group.

Specialist lawyer: Radu Ionescu.


The firm's team, led by Radu Ionescu, is constantly assisting Banca Comerciala Romana in issuing legal notices related to the real estate brought by the bank’s clients to be subject of a mortgage agreement, accessory to a loan facility granted by the latter, analyzing if the asset fulfils the necessary requirements to be mortgaged and which are the risks attached to the real estate. The legal notices target the real estates of both individuals or legal entities, such as real estate developers, from all over Romania, and imply the review of the ownership documentation, administrative acts and cadastral plans.

The firm's Banking and Finance team, led by Radu Ionescu, is assisting our long-term client, Mercedes-Benz Leasing IFN on various issues related to its day-to-day activity, including legal opinions on various transactions, representation in litigation in courts throughout Romania, and other matters specific to non-banking financial institutions.

The firm's team, led by Radu Ionescu, assisted one of the municipalities of Bucharest during the execution, implementation and termination of a Finance Contract concluded with the European Investment Bank. The related financing has been obtained by the client in order to develop a major project for the thermal rehabilitation of multiple multi-family residential buildings. The law firm has been involved in the project from the earliest stage, participating to the negotiations and reviewing the finance agreement. The team provided legal assistance and consultancy services for the execution of the agreement, guiding the client in implementation of its provisions.

The law firm is advising one of the most active financial institution in Romania on the implementation of the first Romanian web-based application that shall allow the clients of the financial institution to configure a car and conclude a leasing agreement for it, only by using the on-line app. For the implementation of this project, the team, led by Radu Ionescu, is performing an in-depth assessment of the legal implications of conclusion of leasing agreements by electronic means, especially in connection with KYC/AML requirements, electronic signature and the ability to enforce such contracts in courts.

The firm's team, led by Radu Ionescu, assisted Solvency Project in restructuring the loan facility contracted from KBC Bank Ireland PLC. The team assisted the client on drafting the loan restructuring documentation and corporate approval resolutions, provided advice during the entire negotiation process with the credit institution, put forward the entire expertise of the members’ team in order to align the bank’s requirements with the interest of the client and successfully assisted the client for closing the transaction.

Specialist lawyer: Radu Ionescu.

Real Estate

The law firm's team assisted Solvency Project in the sale of several industrial real estates located in Timisoara (Romania) comprising land plots in surface of more than 20,000 sqm and seven warehouses, valued at more than €4 million. The team provided legal assistance and consultancy services to the client throughout the entire sale processes, starting with the drafting of the sale documentation, participating to the negotiation process and representing it before all private entities (banks, buy side, legal counsels etc.) and public authorities (public notary, Trade Register etc.) for successfully closing the transaction.

The team led by Radu Ionescu is assisting Resolute Asset Management in all day-to-day matters, related to the properties owned or administrated by the client. The services include: opinions on the legal requirements the real estate must comply with, such as fire-fighting, security, environment etc., drafting lease agreements, participating to negotiations with the client’s tenants. Moreover, following the Covid-19 pandemic, the firm assisted the client in complying with the legal requirements imposed by the competent authorities and negotiating with the tenants, reasonable lease terms in order for both parties to continue to carry out their activities.

Ethos House, which holds an office building, is constantly assisted by the law firm's team, led by Radu Ionescu, in all matters related to the real estate, as well as to its tenants, providing opinions on the legal requirements the real estate must comply with, drafting lease agreements, participating to negotiations with the client’s tenants. Moreover, following the Covid-19 pandemic, the firm has assisted the client in complying with the legal requirements imposed by the competent authorities and negotiating with the tenants reasonable lease terms in order for both parties to continue to carry out their activities.

The law firm's team, led by Radu Ionescu, is assisting one of the Romanian branches of Daimler AG, during the process of expanding its logistic capabilities, by developing a complex logistic centre near Bucharest. In this matter, the team has construed and implemented the legal structure, drafted the general contractor agreement, assisted the client in negotiating the service agreements with its contractors, provided legal opinions and memoranda on various corporate, commercial and real estate aspects.

The law firm's team, led by George Ionescu, has assisted and continues to assist the client, a local authority of the Bucharest Municipality, which administrates all education units from one district of Bucharest, in real estate matters, by providing legal opinions with regard to the necessary authorizations and permits for the buildings the client is administrating, drafting and reviewing the service agreements and general contractor agreements for the works carried out for the buildings, as well as representing and negotiating for the client the supply agreements concluded with its collaborators.

Specialist lawyers: Radu Ionescu, Roxana Iordache, George Ionescu.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

The firm's dispute resolution team, led by Alina Neagu, has assisted and represented Mercedes-Benz Romania in numerous litigation and foreclosure proceedings filled against the client’s customers, both individuals and legal entities. The team has successfully provided to the client legal representation and assistance services before the Romanian courts and bailiffs with regard to such debtors and recovered on behalf of the client a significant amount of money.

Application of legal provisions related to claw-back tax (requiring drug manufacturers to return to the Romanian state part of the profit generated by sales of compensated medicines which exceeds the amount allocated to them by the National Insurance Fond) in Romania has been highly debated in courts since 2009. The litigation team, led by Alina Neagu, renowned for its expertise in administration of litigation in pharmaceuticals sector, has successfully obtained for Torrent Pharma a court’s decision which annulled the claw-back tax for the fourth quarter of 2013, as imposed by the National Health Insurance House.

In order to reclaim the possession rights over Resita Market, located in the 4th District of Bucharest Municipality, the law firm's team, led by George Ionescu, has represented the client, as plaintiff, within the case. In 1999, during the term of the former mayor, the market was brought as contribution in a joint venture concluded by the client, in order to modernize and improve it. Considering that the buildings are part of the state property, the firm advised their client to submit a claim for the restitution of the real estates, as well as the equivalent amount for the lack of possession of the market.

From March 2020, BCR Leasing IFN, member of Erste Group, became part of the firm's top clients’ portfolio. In June 2020, the client handed over to the law firm's team, led by George Ionescu, the management of a portfolio consisting in 28 files having as object the enforcement and insolvency procedure of various debtors. Currently, the team is performing all legal steps necessary for the recovery of the client's receivables in amount of approx. RON 2.1 million.

Between Mercedes-Benz Romania, as supplier and one public transport companies in Romania, as purchaser, a series of Sectoral Supply Contracts were concluded. After 2 years during which the parties failed to solve the dispute (regarding the payment of the outstanding debt of €170,000), the client requested to the law firm's team, led by Alina Nica, the support in order to recover the debt. The team filed a request to open the insolvency proceedings of the purchaser, which proved to be the fastest way to settle the dispute, as immediately after submitting the request, the public transport company paid the entire debt.

Specialist lawyer: Alina Nica, George Ionescu.

PPP Public Procurement

The firm's team, led by Alina Nica, was requested by Mercedes-Benz Romania to issue an interesting and challenging legal opinion related to a procurement procedure to which the client participated and which also have been won by it. The challenge was given by the fact that during the procedure the client’s activity was divided and part of its activity was attributed to a new entity of Daimler Group. The team had to identify the solutions to maintain the performance of the agreement by either of the two entities, with the consent of the contracting authority and with full compliance of the Romanian legislation.

The law firm's team, led by George Ionescu, assisted the 4th District of the Bucharest Municipality during the expropriation procedure performed by the client in order to implement a public utility project, namely the rehabilitation and modernization of Giurgiului Road, one of the most important roads in Bucharest and of its surrounding areas, connecting the Romanian capital to the southern zone of the country. The value of the expropriation procedure was approx. €685,000 and the total investment cost of the public utility project reached to approx. €652,000.

The team, led by George Ionescu, offered full consultancy services to the Market Department and Activity Management of the 4th District of Bucharest Municipality, with respect to public procurement procedures performed for acquiring the necessary services related to its activity, advised the public entity on aspects related to its day-to-day issues, analyzed and legally approved the conclusion of all public procurement agreements concluded by it and assisted the client during negotiations with all suppliers and economic operators which intended to rent a commercial space within the markets under the administration of our client.

The law firm's team, led by Otilia Sava, has been involved, from the preliminary stages, in one of the largest urban regeneration projects in Romania after 1990, which will be developed in Bucharest on a surface of more than 100 ha. The team has participated together with the client to the international presentation of the project, a real estate event, which gathers the most important players from all sectors of the international property industry. The firm is involved in all phases of the project implementation, from planning to representing the client before potential general contractors and interested funding institutions.

Specialist lawyers: Alina Nica, George Ionescu, Otilia Sava.

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