Address: 28, Hristo Botev, 3rd District, Bucharest, Romania
Tel: +40 21 305 57 57
Fax: +40 21 305 57 58
E-mail: [email protected], [email protected]
Most senior representative: Dana Gruia Dufaut, Managing Partner and Founder
No. of local partners: 3
No. of lawyers: 13
Year founded in Romania: 1991
Offices in Romania: Bucharest
Representative clients include: Total, Orange, Colas (Bouygues Group), Vernicolor, Veolia Group, Eurofins, Abzac, Intellimind, Recommerce.

Partners and heads of practice

Dana Gruia Dufaut, Managing Partner and Founder

Practice Areas: Corporate law, Real Estate, Investments
Dana Gruia Dufaut, member of the Paris and Bucharest Bar Associations, is one of the pioneers of the business legal practice in Romania. For the last 30 years, she has been assisting many foreign companies in privatization operations, corporate and asset transactions, joint‑venture transactions, Greenfield investments, proving extensive expertise in legal practice of commercial and corporate law. She is well known and appreciated for providing legal advice and assistance in complex matters and in various fields: infrastructure, agriculture, real estate, automobile, energy, pharma, industry.

Cristina Bojica, Partner, Head of the Litigations Department

Practice Areas: Litigation, GDPR, Real Estate, M&A
Cristina Bojica has over 20 years of experience in the legal profession and she represents the Law Office’s clients before all courts, including the High ourt of Cassation and Justice and arbitration courts. Her expertise in his area particularly comprises client representation in civil, commercial, administrative and tax proceedings. She also has an extensive practice in M&A and real estate acquisitions; Cristina holds a CIPP/E (Certified Information Privacy Professional/Europe) certificate granted by the IAPP, the first specific professional title awarded to European data protection professionals.

Teodora Koletsis, Partner, Head of the Public Procurement Department

Practice Areas: Real Estate, Public Procurement, Litigations
Teodora Koletsis has over 17 years of expertise in real‑estate law, public procurement and litigations. She represents clients’ interests before all courts, in commercial, civil, administrative and tax proceedings, as well as before arbitration courts and European institutions. She also provides representation in complex real estate transactions, public procurement procedures and their corresponding administrative procedures. Teodora has a wide experience as a legal advisor, accompanying clients in various commercial transactions, foreign investments in Romania or drafting legal opinions and due diligence reports on legal matters of general interest.

List of the most representative projects

Corporate and M&A

Assistance for a company in the process of selling the shares in a Romanian company acting in the field of construction of utility projects for electricity and telecommunications. Drafting the due diligence report on the main legal, tax and social aspects. Specialist lawyers: Cristina Bojica, Gabriela Popescu, Mihaela Nitu, Madalina Marineanu, Florin Robert Dogaru.

Legal assistance to an important French transport company on cross border merger with a Romanian company owned by the French company. Specialist lawyers: Cristina Bojica, Andra Paun.

Legal assistance to an important French company in a share deal transaction - purchase of the shares held by a Swiss company within a Romanian company specialising in the manufacture of medical and dental devices, machines, and instruments, drafting of the underlying legal documents, opinion on the implications of the sale over the permits of the Romanian company, drafting of legal opinions. Specialist lawyers: Dana Gruia Dufaut, Andra Paun.

Legal assistance to a Romanian company specializing in electrical installation works in a share capital increase by contribution in kind of the majority shareholder, a French company, consisting of the share package held in the share capital of other two Romanian companies. Specialist lawyers: Cristina Bojica, Gabriela Popescu, Andra Paun.


Legal assistance to a large French company, a major player on the capital market, expanding on the Romanian market by managing the investment portfolio of a large Romanian insurance company. The team has been part of the project since the preliminary planning stage and during the implementation. The team handled paperwork drafting and all necessary formalities, including representing the Client before the Romanian authorities. Specialist lawyers: Cristina Bojica, Gabriela Popescu, Mihaela Nitu, Madalina Marineanu, Maud Gilet.

Assistance for a French owned agricultural company in the process of taking over the shares of 2 Romanian farms; being involved in negotiations with the bank granting the loan, drafting of all transaction-related documents (memorandums of understanding, real estate due diligence, drafting of the share purchase agreements, drafting decisions of the competent bodies regarding the approval of the sale etc.). Specialist lawyers: Cristina Bojica, Mihaela Toma.


Legal assistance to a French investor holding two Romanian agricultural companies for the sale of two farms – share deal - to an important local investor in the agricultural field, a transaction authorized by the Competition Council. The team has been involved in all stages of the transaction, from contractual documentation drafting and negotiations to the assessment of the fulfilment of the conditions regarding the transfer of shares and assistance of the clients in signing the transaction completion minutes. Specialist lawyers: Cristina Bojica, Mihaela Toma.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Advising and representing a natural person within a litigation aimed at the annulment of some contracts based on which the client granted a personal guarantee to  secure the payment of some money amounts y two companies. The dispute arose from an attempt to enforce the personal guarantee of the client, by filing a lawsuit before the courts of New York and, at the same time, involves taxation law related aspects regarding VAT deductibility. Specialist lawyers: Teodora Koletsis, Madalina Marineanu.


Providing legal advice in the day-today activity of the Company, especially on contracts, tax matters, tax litigation, corporate governance, thus supporting the directorship and the Company’s shareholders to meet their statutory or tax obligation, as well as to comply with the local legislation. Specialist lawyers: Teodora Koletsis, Mihaela Toma, Florin Dogaru.


Labor law due diligence for the sale of a company acting in the field of construction & design field. Specialist lawyers: Cristina Bojica, Mihaela Nitu.

Labor law due diligence for the purchase of two companies acting in the field of the public safety technology with over 100 headcount. Specialist lawyers: Cristina Bojica, Mihaela Nitu.

Collective layoff proceedings, assistance in the negotiations with the union/the representatives of the employees, documents drafting for the layoff of employees of companies acting in the field of industrial design and manufacturing, with an estimated 350 headcount. Specialist lawyers: Teodora Koletsis, Cristina Bojica, Mihaela Nitu.

Assistance and representation in court for several companies acting in the field of services and industrial manufacturing in labor related disputes. Specialist lawyers: Cristina Bojica, Teodora Koletsis, Mihaela Nitu.

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