The law firm Voicu & Filipescu SCA changed its name to Voicu & Asociații SCA
Daniel Voicu, Managing Partner

The change of name reflects the current legal structure after the retirement of Mugur Filipescu in 2019. Together with the law firm, the name of the affiliated tax consultancy firm, Voicu & Filipescu Tax Advisers becomes Voicu Financial Tax Advisers.

Traditionally, the profession of lawyer is carried out in forms of organization bearing the names of lawyers who guarantee to third parties the quality of legal service. Voicu & Associates is much more than just Daniel Voicu, as Voicu & Filipescu was more than just the founding partners, Daniel Voicu and Mugur Filipescu. By Mugur's retirement from the profession in 2019 and his passing away last year, changing the name of the firm by including the term "& Associates" brings an honest and balanced recognition, full of gratitude, to all the other associates of the firm, some with over 15 years of experience in the partnership, who have contributed and contribute meritoriously to the reputation of our law firm.” said Daniel Voicu, Managing Partner.

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