The Foreign Investors Council has a new executive team
Ramona Jurubiță, FIC president

The Foreign Investors Council – FIC re-elected Ramona Jurubiță, Country Managing Partner KPMG Romania as FIC president. She will be supported by Eric Stab, Chairman & CEO of ENGIE Romania, Executive Director ENGIE Eastern Europe and Cristian Secoșan, CEO, Siemens Romania as vice-presidents. Daniel Anghel, PwC Board member and Tax and Legal Services Leader, has been appointed as treasurer. 

The objective that FIC assumed from the very beginning - contributing through its activities to the improvement of the business environment through dialogue and constant public consultations with the public authorities and all the relevant actors - remains central to all FIC projects and all its actions. FIC will continue to work, advocate for and promote the sustainable economic development of Romania through investments, particularly in a period characterized by new challenges at the global level. 

Ramona Jurubiță: "I thank my colleagues from the FIC Board of Directors for the trust they have placed in me. We will continue to contribute to the building of a resilient, diversified and high value-added economy for Romania. The reconfiguration of investments globally and regionally represents an opportunity in which the FIC can play two crucial roles in ensuring that our country is perceived as an attractive investment destination. 

First, as investors already present in Romania, we are very good ambassadors when it comes to contributing to the promotion of the country as an attractive destination for investments. We must be aware that Romania is and will continue to be in competition with other countries in attracting these investments and therefore a proactive approach, both from the authorities and the business environment is more than necessary. 

Secondly, our experience, desire and involvement in building relationships based on dialogue and transparency with the authorities, is an important starting point to be used in developing sound public policies that would stimulate both the continued investment of companies already present in Romania , but also attracting potential foreign direct investment in Romania. 

Thus, in the next period, the FIC's priority will be towards the role of investments as an important source for a sustainable economic recovery, while balancing Romania's short- and medium-term financing needs." 

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