PeliFilip carries on as Filip & Company after two founding partners spin off
Cristina Filip, Managing Partner Filip & Company

"Progress often comes through spectacular leaps" says the press release of Filip & Company, the new name under which the PeliFilip business continues after two founding members, Francis Peli and Carmen Peli announced the separation from the firm and the establishment of PELI law firm.

Filip & Company will be manager by Cristina Filip, who says while the name changes, the value stays the same. However, something will change.

"Clients want stability; we know it very well. And this is precisely what we want to give them in the next century. Our new name flows naturally from a business vision that we can finally make happen: “Destination One Century”.

We want to become the first local law firm that will turn one hundred. We will be “shapers of the future” and we think of the future generations in Filip & Company. But this aspiration can only come true if we take the way we operate today to the next level" reads the press release.

"Our value is given by the value of the people who form Filip & Company. They will channel all energy to the benefit of the clients. This is the “why” behind our new name and this is why the “…& Company”. People, all our people, are and will remain important – because we want to be the first Romanian law firm that turns one hundred. “We have set out to create a company where the brand survives the partners. They may come and go. And our company certainly means much more than Cristina Filip’s vision or the total competence of the partners. Few things are truly resilient and lasting in Romania. I hope Filip & Company is one of them” says Cristina Filip, Managing Partner Filip & Company.

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