Noerr Annual Fraud Conference 2020
December 09, 2020, ZOOM ONLINE PLATFORM,
Join us at the 2020 edition!

This year, Noerr’s Annual Fraud Conference will present in an interactive online format,  CEOs, CFOs, compliance officers and internal auditors with the current challenges companies face when dealing with fraud. Estimated to be responsible for the loss of 5% of every company’s annual revenue, fraud can have a devastating effect on a company’s business, reputation and credibility. The main goal of this conference is to shed light on recent fraud schemes companies have faced and the best ways to handle them, including effective tips on how to prevent, detect and deal with fraud in your company.

The panel of high-level speakers includes renowned lawyers and fraud investigators working together to provide companies with the best tools for dealing with fraud in all business sectors where it is found – banking, retail, investment funds, insurance and pharmaceuticals.

Do not miss this high-level event which intends to be interactive and gives you the opportunity to raise issues and ask questions!

  • Bradley C. Birkenfeld, UBS Whistleblower and author of Lucifer’s Banker
  • Alexandru Ene, Partner, Head of Litigation & Compliance, Noerr
  • Oana Piticas, Senior Associate, White Collar Crime Practice Coordinator, Noerr
  • Iulian Sorescu, Partner, Head of Financial, Tax & State Aid Department, Noerr
  • Andrei Copil, Management Consultant, Noerr
  • Gabriel Zgunea, CEO, Corporate Intelligence Agency
  • Dan Rusu, Senior Partner, Corporate Intelligence Agency
Questions such as “What is fraud?”, “How is fraud affecting my company?”, “Can fraud be prevented?”, “What are the main obligations of a company/manager facing fraud?” and “What legal consequences can fraud generate?” will be answered in this conference.

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This event is dedicated to companies interested in learning more about our services. We reserve the right to reject or exclude participants for important reason.

NOTE: The conference access code will be sent individually on DECEMBER 8, 2020.

Event Organizer: Noerr

Noerr stands for excellence and an entrepreneurial approach. With highly experienced teams of strong characters, Noerr devises and implements solutions for the most complex and sophisticated legal challenges. United by a set of shared values, the firm’s 500+ professionals are driven by one goal: our client’s success. As one of the leading European law firms, Noerr is also internationally renowned with offices in eleven countries and a global network of top-ranked “best friends” law firms.

Event Partner: Corporate Intelligence Agency

Corporate Intelligence Agency is one of the top leading business and competitive intelligence company in Romania, providing its partners with integrated services dedicated to securing the business, reducing risks or eliminating vulnerabilities that may occur. Whether it's valuable information, different types of fraud, managing risks and current or occasional threats, regardless of our partner's profile, the company will try to offer integrated Business and Corporate Intelligence solutions, actively contributing to the successful achievement of the client's goals.
With clients activating in various industries (banking, insurance, investment funds, law firms, retail, private healthcare, pharma etc.) the company delivers added value to the decision making process, offering the necessary awareness in order to implement required steps. 

Registration conditions: The program and the speakers are subject to change. Should the conference be cancelled due to force majeure, unavailability of the conference venue, speakers being prevented or for other good cause, the organizer reserves the right to cancel the conference. 

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10:00 - 10:45
  • Bradley C. Birkenfeld UBS Whistleblower and author of Lucifer’s Banker
10:45 - 11:15
  • What is fraud/ white collar crime?
  • How does it affect companies and organisations?
  • What did we already know and what has changed?

(Brief introductory aspects regarding the current socio-political context and its effect on current fraud tendencies, with a special focus on decisive factors such as fraudsters’ motivation and opportunity, the decrease in the efficiency of fraud prevention mechanisms, etc.)


11:15 - 11:45
Fraud in various sectors. General overview and case studies.

Common fraud schemes by sector:

  • Banking 
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Retail businesses 
  • Investment funds 
  • Insurance 
11:45 - 12:15
The conflict of interests – a common culprit
  • Conflicted managers and directors: potential cases of embezzlement
  • Conflicted employees
  • Common detection methods and efficient solutions
(This section will shed more light on what a conflict of interests is and what legal consequences it could have)
12:15 - 12:45
Fraud prevention mechanisms
  • Common myths in fraud prevention  
(or why fraud can happen in your organisation, why ethics and compliance training is not enough, why financial employees are not usually qualified to detect fraud and why fraud should not be a common business cost)
  • Why risk assessments can save your organisation
  • Implementing efficient anti-fraud and compliance guidelines: importance and legal consequences
  • Insider and outsider tips / Whistleblowing – how to handle it
  • Importance of internal audits and periodic background checks
12:45 - 13:15
Fraud deterrence mechanisms
  • General milestones / steps 
  • Why an integrated fraud investigation team is a company’s best friend - ”one-stop shop”:
     - Legal and Financial / management consulting
  • Investigation: When and why should an organisation consider a private investigation? What is to be expected from a private investigation?
  • What’s next? Main legal outcomes and possibilities
(This section will offer companies a general guideline on how to handle fraud, once encountered)
13:15 - 13:45
Closing remarks and Q&A session
Bradley C. Birkenfeld
UBS Whistleblower and author of Lucifer’s Banker

Bradley C. Birkenfeld is a retired investment professional and the most significant financial whistleblower in history. He is the author of Lucifer’s Banker UNCENSORED: The Untold Story of How I Destroyed Swiss Bank Secrecy. As an international private banker he exposed how UBS, the world’s largest bank, helped ultra-wealthy Americans commit billions in tax fraud.

Alexandru Ene
Partner, Head of Litigation & Compliance, Noerr

Alexandru Ene has extensive experience in process management and strategic mandate execution, especially in civil law, commercial law, labor law and real estate law disputes, as well as in insolvency procedures and white collar crime. He coordinates also the compliance practice, having experience in implementing and developing compliance programs, planning and structuring internal investigations, as well as providing prevention programs and trainings

Oana Piticas
Senior Associate, White Collar Crime Practice Coordinator, Noerr

Oana Piticaş has extensive experience in criminal law, business crimes, criminal liability and criminal defence strategy, especially with foreign and local companies, but also in real estate and contract law. She specializes in legal assistance and representation of local or foreign companies in all stages of a criminal investigation, internal and fraud investigations, compliance and dawn raid.

Iulian Sorescu
Partner, Head of Financial, Tax & State Aid Department, Noerr

Iulian Sorescu is member of ACCA UK, CECCAR, CAFR and AMCOR and heads our Financial, State Aid & Management Consulting Department. He coordinates the strategic advice offered to our clients in all business and financial issues such as financial advisory, financial due diligence, financial audit according to IFRS, US/German GAAP and Romanian standards, financial reporting and controlling, bookkeeping, payroll and management consulting. In particular, he helps our clients improve/maintain their financial performance by coaching and monitoring their internal activities and optimizing their structures. In 2008 Iulian has developed our State Aid Department. Since then our team has successfully assisted many international companies in view of obtaining the financing approval for state aid, by preparing the business plan, business model as well as by providing assistance in relation to the Ministry of Public Finances. The projects represented either extension of production/business of international companies, or Greenfield investments. Starting 2019 Iulian Sorescu is member of the Executive Committee of Amcor, using his expertise to help the association accomplish its mission effectively.

Andrei Copil
Management Consultant, Noerr

Andrei Copil is responsible for Noerr’s Management Consulting practice. With extensive experience in serving some of the largest CEE companies in their transformation efforts, Andrei has a solid experience in key areas, such as strategy, process redesign, cost optimization, performance management, restructuring of operations and sales.

Gabriel Zgunea
CEO, Corporate Intelligence Agency
Dan Rusu
Senior Partner, Corporate Intelligence Agency
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This event is dedicated to companies interested in learning more about our services. We reserve the right to reject or exclude participants for important reason.

NOTE: The conference access code will be sent individually on DECEMBER 8, 2020.

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