Ţuca Zbârcea & Asociaţii succeeded in suspending the execution of an ANAF Order with an impact on the oil and natural gas industry
Christina Vladescu Tuca Zbarcea & Asociatii

By the judgment delivered on 30 October 2018, the Bucharest Court of Appeal ordered in the first instance to suspend the execution of the ANAF Order no. 1960 / 08.06.2018. By this Order, as of 10 November, a new obligation is the obligation for economic operators of energy products (gasoline, diesel oil, gasoline, liquefied petroleum gas and biofuel), namely to have storage facilities.

In view of the major economic impact of the aforementioned Order, the solution is particularly important for the company in question and has immediate effect, being enforceable in law.

According to ANAF Order no. 1960/2018, the wholesale trade of energy products can be carried out only on the basis of a certificate obtained under the new conditions, which implies the possession of storage facilities, the old certificates being lost on 9 November 2018, ie after the expiry of the term 90 days established by the Order. Ţuca Zbârcea & Asociaţii Law Firm represented a major oil natural gas company that sells wholesale energy products.

The team from Ţuca Zbârcea & Asociaţii, who represented the client in the court file, were Christina Vladescu (partner), Diana Agafitei (managing partner) and Radu Chiran (associate).

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